Help with entities


Unfortunately, there are many people who are suffering from unexplained events at home. This could be anything and can also have different causes. Within our team from Paranormal Research Europe, we have specialized team members who can observe entities. They can determine and/or exclude what the problem could be in your home and if it’s paranormal activity or not.

If you like to qualify for our assistance, it is necessary that you first describe your problems and experiences in detail as good as you can. Providing your telephone number is a requirement as we will contact you by phone to make a diagnosis.

As Paranormal Research Europ works entirely on a Non-profit basis, we have to make a selection of entitlement to assistance whereby children always have top priority.

If you like to get help from our experts, please fill out our contact form below.
We willl always reply to your request and if you do qualify, we’ll make agreements with you, so you know what to expect from us. We have been able to help many people so please do no hessitate to contact us.