Domain de Renesse

Oostmalle, Belgium - Friday November 10th 2017

On Friday we went to a beautiful location in Malle, Belgium. We came there after a visit from Mario and Erica at the end of April. It was a beautiful Sunday, they were touring a bit and saw this domain. After drinking something on the terrace, Mario and Erica saw a brochure that there would be a tour at 3 pm. They waited for it and were given a tour by a guide who told them all sorts of interesting things about the location.

For example, a man would have committed suicide and a child had died during a bombing raid. The domain had also functioned as a hospital during the Second World War and that people died there of their injuries.

During the tour Mario had already noticed some paranormal activities. It was a very beautiful castle with beautiful rooms. A lot of events are being organized there too, so Erica thought: I’m putting on my naught hat and I’ll ask for permission to do an investigation!
A while has passed, doubts about the board, but finally got permission to do an investigation there and last Friday it was time.

We arrived at the Domain and were welcomed by the castle supervisor. He gave us a tour of the castle. The gifted people of our team have put their senses at work. Some observations have already been made in certain areas.

Domain de Renesse

Domain de Renesse

Domain de Renesse

Domain de Renesse

After the tour, we first set up our stuff in the ‘Ridderzaal’ (Knight hall). This would be our base location. We’ve set up cameras in the Salon and let them run for a long time. After doing that, we went through the castle in different groups, filming, taking pictures, doing EVP sessions and we noticed a quite a few things while doing so.

For example: the spirit of a man has been seen in the tower room, a spirit of a woman and one of a child. Unfortunately we were unable to capture any of this on camera, but several members of the team noticed the same things at the same time. It is and remains difficult to capture entities on photo or video and unfortunately it did not really succeed here.

We also had the idea that the entities were not used to being noticed. Normally nobody sees them, especially in daylight.
Only when there are people with a paranormal gifts in the castle, they will notice these entities. Apparently this is felt by them and the entities can stay at a distance. The child was very scared and did not dare to come closer.

A few of our people went around the castle with a guide and we heard later from him, that a child had died in a bombing in World War II. It is probably that child that is resides there.

We don’t dare say who the woman is, because there are different stories going around. Regardless, various team members have seen a woman in a white robe. Unfortunately, within our team, we have no people who can communicate directly with the entities. They notice them, can say whether it is a man, woman, boy or girl, but they cannot communicate directly with them.

A picture was taken of the beautiful castle on the outside when it was not quite dark yet. Is something inexplicable visible in the sky? It is in itself a sharp photo (even the stars can be seen!), so we don’t really know what was photographed there!
Judge for yourself …

We’ll be back soon for an extensive investigation and hopefully we will be able to capture clear evidence with our equipment. Partly because the entities may become accustomed to our presence and get used to the idea that their presence is noticed, they may no longer be afraid of us.

Keep following us!