About us


Our team conducts scientific and parapsychological research into unexplained activities. We’re trying to capture paranormal activities by doing research and personal experiences and are using special equipment (including devices developed by our technicians) to confirm and proof this.


Location manager


A down-to-earth skeptic who’s not paranormally gifted, but has a great intuition. Her motto; first see then believe.





Paul is mainly busy with recording video and sound during researches. He has no paranormal ‘gifts’ and focuses on equipment such as the voice recorder, MEL-meter, SB-7 sprit box, etc. to confirm what other members in the team who have ‘gifts’ have experienced during the examinations. He is quite skeptical and often looks for a logical explanation before calling it paranormal.
Although he does not have any ‘gifts’, he would like to develop or at least experience it.


Paranormal researcher


Stefanie is highly sensitive and clear-feeling. She feel energies of human beings, entities and the earth flawlessly.
She also helps people alive and in the hereafter to contact each other by passing messages, using a pendulum and / or reading photos. As she studied wicca, Stefanie can support the team with her gifts using this.




Most of our team’s photos are made by Vincent. As a highl sensitive photographer, he also regularly captures energies on photographs. He uses various cameras including a Canon 7D SLR camera and a Full Spectrum Canon 40D SLR camera.